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    Melonsecco is the latest trend from Italy. A dry and fruity Italian cocktail with refreshing watermelon and a dash of mint.

  • Peachelino

    Peachelino is a festive fizz winecocktail that will brighten up your day. Enjoy the subtile fruity peach flavour, nothing is more celebratory.

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    Discover the sparkling, refreshing taste of Limonsecco.

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    Hugo is a dry and fruity Italian cocktail flavoured with refreshing elderflower and mint


Discover the best from Italy

Dolce Vita

Italian food and delicious drinks: the best way to start the evening with your friends and family. That is what the Italians have been doing since ancient times and this is exactly the Italian way of life that we are so passionate about. Well-known aperitifs, such as authentic parma ham, olives and delicious buffalo mozzarela, are served to satisfy the appetite. Especially delicious bitter taste cocktails are used to prepare the stomach for all that good food that will follow. Dolce vita!

The Campari, which has been served since 1890, is a cocktail that must sounds familiar to you. Also the Negroni and Aperol Spritz are real traditional Italian cocktails from the region that are used as an aperitif. But with the winecocktails of il miogusto you bring this special Italian lifestyle to your hometown. Enjoy life with your family and friends.

Did you know that all our wine cocktails are made in Italy? Only the best grapes are used for our drinks. And together with the local winemakers we develop the most unique flavors and combinations for you.

About il miogusto

You will remember the things that are beautiful and you will remember the things that taste good. You will remember the things that impress you.

That is our goal: to impress you. We want to impress you with design and good taste in a way that only Italians can do.

We want you to discover our colourful bottles and let you feel the passion that we have for Italian design. We want you to experience our wines, surprise you with new unexpected avours and give you a taste of the best that Italy has to offer.

il miogusto® for the colourful.

Wijncocktails & prosecco's

il miogusto is not a traditional winemaker, and we believe that our wines are for those who dare to stand out – those who are con dent, even a bit brutal. Don’t we all want to be like them? This is why il miogusto is different, with its striking colours and Italian design.

il miogusto’s sparkling wines are unique; they look different and feel different, but they always will be of exceptional quality. That will always be our goal.


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